Splash 9
by Rachel Rubin Wolf

hardcover #33353
144 pages and 140 color illustrations

See inside this Book

Splash holds its own as a visual showcase, representing some of the best work being done in watercolor today. But of course, that's only the half of it. Splash is much more than a pretty face. In the same open, giving spirit that has become the hallmark of the Splash series, featured artists share what works for them, from favorite papers and colors to composition and texturing techniques. Discover their tricks for giving shape and color to their impressions...the secrets behind Laurin McCracken's sumptuous pears, the mesmerizing ripples in Guy Magallanes' Koi ponds, and the gorgeous subtleties in Margaret Dwyer's paintings of glass. Find out how:

  • Retired-architect-turned-painter Tom White creates textures that evoke a sense of age and weather.
  • Sharon Hinckley works so successfully en plein air.
  • Ann Gaechter creates deep shadows that practically breathe with transparent light.
  • Wendy Dawn Barnhill-Hill uses a combination of materials (including gum arabic, metallic watercolors, acrylics, watercolor crayons, and even used tea bags) to create a lively surface full of texture and life.

As each artist reflects on his or her individual specialties, you'll acquire a wealth of know-how on working with reference photos, finding a unique point of view, telling stories in paint, and much more:

  • Evoke the feel of a rainy night, the bustle of a street scene, the dance of sunlight across a landscape, and many other atmospheres.
  • Create special effects like water reflections, the shine of headlights on wet pavement, bright sun on fresh snow, and the drama of backlighting.
  • Paint convincing crystal, sunlit petals, woven fabrics, silver, lace, intricately tangled branches, reflections on chrome, and other specific challenges.

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