Below is a list of articles that have been written by or about me and my paintings.

  • International Artist Magazine – There is a 16-page article in the October/November 2011 issue of this magazine that explains in detail how I painted Reflections in Pewter. – Click here to view the article (PDF).
  • April: Watercolor Artist - Watercolor Essentials: Grappling with Grays - “For many, gray is a distant afterthought, a non-color to be pulled in only when necessary. In truth, a good mix of grays should be an important component of every artist’s toolkit." - The article is about how to mix and use Grays. It includes a demo if how to paint realistic clouds in watercolor. If you have questions, shoot me an email. I encourage you to purchase the issue and to subscribe to this first rate magazine. Kelly Kane, Editor in Chief and her staff do a terrific job to educate and inform the watercolor community.
  • May: Artist's Magazine - Watercolor Silver Still Life | A Demo "In the April 2011 issue of Watercolor Artist, Laurin McCracken shares his favorite recipes for grays and shows you how to use them to best effect in a number of different still life and landscape paintings. He also demonstrates step by step how to paint realistic watercolor clouds in 10 simple steps. Here, he demonstrates his process for painting one of his signature silver still lifes." - As a Lagniappe, there is also an on-line demo of how I painted one of my silver and crystal paintings Also, check out the last page of the magazine.
  • I am featured in the November issue of The Artist’s Magazine - You can order the magazine online via print version or digital download. You can also find hard copies in book stores, like Barnes & Noble, in the Magazine section. I wrote the Drawing Board column on page 66, “Build” a Better Building. It is the second of two articles I have written for the magazine about using perspective and painting buildings. I am also included in the article “Tools that are Tried-and-True” on page 58.
  • The French watercolor quarterly magazine, L'Art de l'Aquarelle, has included a small article about my watercolors in its issue #10, September-November. For those of you whose French is better than mine, here is a PDF of the article.
  • Check out the article "Get the Right Perspective" featuring my work in the June issue of The Artist's Magazine. Click here to view the cover (PDF) - Click here for digital download of this issue from Artists Network!
  • January / February : Delta Magazine - Real Life Reflections - “Not every painter can see things uniquely, but it is imperative that a painter see things differently and with a certain degree of clarity that the average eye might not see.."

  • November: Southwest Art Magazine, "Catching the Light" - "..McCracken’s long career in architecture and marketing gave him much more than a chance to experience original art around the world. It honed his already detail-oriented mind, trained him in drafting and photography, and was responsible for taking him to a place where he met the perfect watercolor instructor."


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